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Our Meetings

colchester recalled meeting

Colchester Recalled holds a monthly meeting at 7pm at the Roman Circus Centre, where there is free parking (see map below for directions).  The evening features extracts from our recordings, refreshments and an illustrated talk on some aspect of our local history.  Everyone welcome - £2 for members and £3 for non members.

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Programme Autumn 2019

  • September 19th - Patrick Denney: 'The Genteel Class of Georgian Colchester and their Homes.
  • October 10th -  'An Evening with Steve Mannix, Director of the Mercury Theatre, discussing its new building, its 'big tent' on the Abbey Field and the busy life of the Theatre.  Come and ask your questions.
  • November 14th - Alan Skinner - 'On  the Buses - how local bus services came to North Essex'
  • December  12th - Our Social Evening.  Patrick will run our annual quiz, then mince pies, wine and two local films:  The Jumbo Story, made this summer, and 'I married a stranger' oral histories of courtship and marriage in Edwardian times
  • January  16th - Lawrence Northall:  'The Archaeology of Mersea mud - an oral history. A project which uncovered a mammoth tusk, ancient fish traps and a lost harbour of a forgotten fort'
  • February 13th - Philip Crummy:  'The Water Supply of Roman Colchester: a mystery.'  Philip will also discuss the recent discovery of a Roman bath under the former Jacks store now about to become a brewery.
  • March 12th - David Whittle:  'The Great East Coast Flood of 1953 and at Harwich'
  • April 16th - Peter Berridge, our former Museum curator: 'Colchester Castle: its origin, form and history' as from his new book.
  • May 14th - Andrew Phillips: 'Colchester Gardeners 1750-2020, a neglected history.
  • June 18th - Peter Jones: Night Mail'  The historic postal service by steam railway, all night to Scotland, illustrated by the famous documentary 'Night Mail' which will be shown, after our tea break, as part of the talk.  We also hope to show 'Colchester: a Town to be Proud of', a short colour film of about 1968, recently rediscovered, This follows our AGM, chaired by our President Sir Bob Russell.